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The ancient sages taught that plants were gifts from heaven. The evolution of our biosphere is initiated by the evolution of plants to survive disease causing toxic chemicals and situations.  What plants do in the biosphere, they do in our bodies too! We are connected to all living things on both a macro, and a micro level. Aromatherapy uses distilled oils and essences of plants to allow us the most concentrated forms of protection and prevention in how plants can contribute to our wellness practices.  Essential oils allow us to breathe in health and bask in the aromas that represent vitality.   

Did you know that it takes 50,000 jasmine flowers to create 5 ml of jasmine essential oil?  We should respect the potency of using pure essential oils and practice using them with the ideal that “less is more.” 

In the practice of yoga and Ayurveda, the quality of prana, or life force, is linked to the quality of living in a pure way: eating clean, living clean, seeking truth, being honest and respectful, having good intentions,  serving others, and growing spiritually. 

Want to learn more?  Join us in the upcoming Essential Yoga Sangha, based on the book, Essential Yoga Practice: Your Guide to the New Yoga Experience With Essential Oils. We will deepen our understanding of what essential oils are and how Ayurveda is a plant based wellness practice that gives us direction in how to use essential oils and  aromatherapy in yoga. We will learn how prana links the inward conscious to the outer world, and how this helps us to understand ourselves better, the cornerstone of the journey of yoga.  Come join us!  Get your copy of Essential Yoga Practice.  The next 2-week study of Essential Yoga Sangha begins August 14!  Sign up here .  “Like, comment, and share” this blog post on Face Book, Instagram, and Twitter to be entered to participate for free!  Yoga teachers will receive 10 CECs with Yoga Alliance.