Yoga Sangha- Live Clean and Practice Clean

1. Live clean, and practice clean, join us on that journey in enhancing yoga with aromatherapy:

We all know that Yamas (restraints) and Niyamas (observances) are foundational in the lives of yogis.  We can apply them both on and off the mat. But when our practice falls into the repetitiveness of our habits, our samskaras,, how can we find new ways to live our own practice with personal growth so that we can lead as yoga teachers?  The answer lies in another word that is synonymous with the word yoga, and that is “awareness.”  How do we cultivate the practice of awareness so that we can learn from being present, for ourselves and our students?  How can we practice being present more effectively? The answer:  By using our senses! If we live clean, and use the ideals of the niyama called saucha, cleanliness, then it is a clean environment that helps us to stay physically healthy as well as to clear our mind and focus on what is really in front of us.  Being present allows us the opportunity to learn and thus to evolve. 

Join us in a two- week online learning experience, Essential Yoga Sangha,, that is fun, and interactive!

First: get your copy of Essential Yoga Practice:  Your Guide to the New Yoga Experience With Essential Oils.  Second: sign up for Essential Yoga Sangha at   Together we will dive a little deeper to understand some of the benefits of pairing these two ancient practices, aromatherapy and yoga:

·      Learn what essential oils are, and how they work to improve the function ofbody systems

·      Become a smart essential oil consumer

·      Learn how to use your favorite essential oils

·      Experience for yourself the benefits of incorporating aromatherapy into your yoga practice

·      Understand how to safely clean your mat, yoga class and practice space in a way that removes toxic load, is inexpensive, and effective

·      Align with Ayurvedic principles on aromatherapy

·      Experience asana, pranayama and meditation on a whole new level by adding aromatherapy.

·      Receive 10 CEC hours with Yoga Alliance upon completion (half of the bi-annual requirement)

2.  Live your practice:  Yoga, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda

3.  Calling all yogis, take your practice to a new level (yoga teachers get 10 hours Yoga Alliance CECs).

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