Of the many things in life that we have a great passion for, two go very well together: Essential oils and yoga. The interplay of these two very useful practices lend themselves to a myriad of benefits: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Some of you reading this may have a greater understanding and experience with using essential oils and some of you may be more connected to your yoga practice. Both are a “practice.” We practice to understand ourselves and our world better, to see where our efforts can be helpful and useful. We practice to learn much more than how to be strong and healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. We practice to learn to be better human beings everyday, to affect positive change and to make our world a better place. And, as with the idea of what the word practice means, we must work at using these tools consistently, so that we refine what we are able to do and evolve along the way.

Whether you are a new or a seasoned student, try using your pure essential oils for your next yoga practice. To learn more, go to the blog and sign up to receive new posts. This site will provide great essential oil education as well as information on how to practice yoga, safely and effectively. 

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Mona Flynn & Asti Atkinson