Essential Yoga Practice DVD

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Essential Yoga Practice DVD


This DVD is a companion to the book Essential Yoga practice. The book gives a solid foundation of both yoga and essential oils for those just starting out in either practice, yet offers additional insights and instruction for experienced students. For anyone looking to experience synergistic wellness benefits by combining these two approaches, the book is a must. The DVD features the 6 original yoga sequences from the book, as well as tips for using essential oils to compliment yoga practice. These sequences provide additional insights into transitioning between poses for optimal flow, and instruction on action within alignment, so ensure a safe practice. The DVD clearly demonstrates that yoga is for everyone, both novice and seasoned yogis alike!

DVD Music

Theme Song – Yellow Butterfly - composed by Nancy Pitkin © 2014

Partner Sequence:

Spirit Song  - composed and performed by Nancy Pitkin © 2014

Butterfly in Spring composed and performed by Nancy Pitkin © 2014

Lake of Dreams composed and performed by Nancy Pitkin© 2014

Restoration Poses:

Meditation on Jasper composed and by Nancy Pitkin © 2014

Meditation for Ellen composed by Nancy Pitkin © 2014

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