What is Yoga Sangha?

Yoga and aromatherapy students and teachers have been asking us…what exactly is Essential Yoga Sangha? We thought the blog would be a perfect forum to give you a much more in-depth view of exactly what it is and why it’s such an amazing course!

Description: Essential Yoga Sangha is an interactive 2-week online course that allows participants direct access to Mona Flynn and Asti Atkinson (creators of Essential Yoga Practice)…and also to each other. It’s a prerequisite for those who want to join our affiliate organization, an organization created for yoga teachers and aromatherapy educators who like collaborating with other professionals on the best ways to teach their students to combine yoga and essential oils. It’s also ideal for beginning yoga and essential oil students, since they’ll get great step-by-step instruction on how to personalize Essential Yoga for their own practice. And there is a supportive forum so participants can ask questions and celebrate successes along the way. The class is set up so participants have complete flexibility on timing … so it will work for everyone.

Since we are in a supporting role for those directly teaching yoga and essential oils, we work with studios and teachers to promote and edify you to your own students. The benefits of both yoga and pure essential oils are so thoroughly documented, that we foresee mainstreaming the combination of these two ancient practices as one of the best services we can provide in helping people to take charge of their own healthy lifestyle and personal wellness. Therefore, yoga teachers participating in the Sangha will receive extra instruction each day specific to teaching their students, including how to start incorporating essential oils in your offering and classes if you haven’t started yet, or how to deepen your use of essential oils if you’ve already started using them in your classes. Best of all, we are approved with Yoga Alliance to provide continuing education credits for yoga teachers!

Participants can plan on approximately 1 hour of instruction per day; the instruction comes in the form of multiple videos and text, so you can work the education into your schedule a few minutes at a time. Participants have up to a month to complete the course, making it incredibly easy to fit into any schedule.

Benefits for students:

·       Learn about the characteristics that comprise a pure and effective essential oil – something that has a direct effect on the quality and results of your experience

·       Learn how to choose particular essential oils (ie peppermint or lavender?) to achieve a targeted result

·       Experience different methods for essential oil application

·       Learn how to incorporate essential oils with various parts of your yoga experience

·       Experience several ways to expand your yoga experience and understanding of yourself (including doshas, chakras and meditation)

·       Learn to reduce toxins in your immediate environment as you care for your space and yoga equipment naturally – natural-care recipes provided

·       Learn why using a diffuser in your practice (and daily life) can bring such powerful benefits

·       Receive many diffuser recipes to benefit your practice

·       Learn to pair essential oils to enhance your restorative yoga practice

·       Learn how to get synergistic benefits for your pranayama practice (breathing exercises)

·       Receive a list of powerful essential oil pairings to use in your practice

·       Receive specific tips regarding internal use of essential oils, and how this can affect your yoga practice and life

·       Learn about mudras (hand & finger gestures) and how you can use them to benefit your dosha-type

·       Get an introduction to Ayurveda and the 5 great elements that are part of everyday life, and how they affect your practice and life

·       Learn ways to incorporate principles of Ayurveda into your yoga practice    


Benefits for teachers:

·       Receive CE credits through Yoga Alliance

·       Learn practical steps for introducing essential oils to your students

·       Consider pros & cons of carrying essential oils in your studio, as well as some tips if you choose to do so

·       Use diffusers powerfully to expand the yoga experience you offer

·       Targeted instruction for enhancing your 1:1 yoga sessions

·       Learn to avoid over-complicating addition of essential oils to your practice; less is often more

·       Learn special considerations for teachers regarding internal use of essential oils

·       In order to reduce toxic load of your studio (to raise vibration & enhance the experience), receive a shopping list of items to keep on hand. Natural care of your studio is easier than you think!

·       Learn how to teach your students about the important of reducing toxic load & help them feel amazing in your studio

·       Get tips for teaching doshas to your students, and for incorporating them into your seasonal yoga practice in a way that will help your students improve in – and out – of their yoga practice

·       Receive a helpful chakra summary as you incorporate chakra awareness into your yoga practice

·       Learn to do an ayurvedic face massage

·       Learn tips for incorporating meditation (together with aromatherapy) into your yoga practice

·       Join a network of like-minded individuals to share ideas, ask questions, receive clarity, and enhance your offering to your students


 You truly do receive an incredible education and experience by joining us in the Sangha … we hope to collaborate with you in the very near future!