Self Care

In our quest for effecting positive change, we want a better understanding our place in our world.  There are many interfering factors that come both from within ourselves, and especially outside of ourselves and outside our control. These factors have an exhausting effect on daily life, not just on interrupting our intention for personal growth.  My encouragement today is that we slow down, take a few deep breaths, and "check in," so that we not only quiet the body and the mind, but that we steer with clarity toward where we are going, based on where we know we are starting from. 

Yoga practice:  Restorative poses that open the heart, while supporting the body like this photo of Supported Setu Bandha.   Prop so as to have the neck neutral and the hip height comfortable so that you do not cause discomfort in the lower back and sacrum.  Stay 5 to 10 minutes and then lift the hips, remove the prop/block while staying high for a few breaths, lower the hips slowly and do a passive twist like traction twist to make sure there was no overdoing. Hope this feeling of being more open lasts through your day! Namaste -

Oils to use:  Calming blend  or focusing blend