Stretch yourself

Sometimes there is self doubt in seeing something and thinking it is beyond our capability. We shortchange ourselves when we do not even attempt to try.  If we step forward with an open mind, we may find some pleasant surprises that in the long run help us not only to trust our bodies, but to draw our attention inward to learn more about ourselves.  The result is freedom from overcoming the hurdles of self doubt,  empowerment from learning that we are resilient and strong in many ways, self compassion in recognizing the need to be safe, and a deeper understanding of the intricate connections within and outside of our bodies.  Flexibility of mind helps us to let go of what holds us down, that we might find freedom in much unexplored territory.  Backbending and lateral stretching help to move energy upward, so that we ascend in releasing stuck places in our 7 chakras, in body, mind and spirit. So open your mind to trying something new in your yoga asana practice.  The surprise it that it will allow you to lead more from your heart! Namaste!

Yoga asana practice today: Twists, backbends and/or lateral stretches like triangle, revolved triangle, side plank, side angle pose.

Essential oils to use:  Coriander, cilantro, cardamom