Sweet Sadhana

Our sadhana, our practice, has many sweet outcomes.  Once we are consistent, we grow well beyond our asana (practicing physical yoga poses) practice and delve into practicing mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda, and more.  Thanks to our comprehensive sadhana, we will see a myriad of benefits like:  increased flexibility, strength, balance; improved posture, bone health, immunity, focus, disposition, outlook, sleep, lung capacity, pain tolerance, self-esteem, clarity; and decreased blood pressure, blood sugar, anxiety, tension, digestive issues,...and more!  Benefits of yoga include physical, emotional and spiritual areas  of self discovery and growth. 

Practice today: Wild Orange essential oil diffused to promote joy, coupled with a meditation practice.

Hot tea with Ginger essential oil to promote digestion, and your favorite healthy or energizing snack.

Yoga cookies from Babycake Sweets, Inc.: Order a batch today! Thanks to Lisa LeBlanc: