Mother's Day

This month honors the mother, the earth, the Creator, and the Divine feminine in all of us. Let us resolve to support and nurture new life: a newborn baby, a new friend, an innovative idea, or a great opportunity. Let us love deeply and unconditionally, and raise the vibration of our consciousness and of humanity. Here are five simple practices to honor the Divine feminine in you:

1. Get in touch with Mother Earth – get out in nature, do yoga in your bare feet and ground into the earth, garden, hike, practice pranayama and meditation, while breathing fresh air!

2. Build a small alter to honor those who nurture you in your faith practice. Include symbolism like a cross, menorah or decorative verses from the Koran. Include pictures of your family and significant figures who help guide your spiritual journey. Find objects that speak to you to complete that sacred space: candles, seashells, rocks, incense or a diffuser for aromatherapy.

3. Practice self care with a daily regimen: take time to meditate, enjoy a long bath with aromatherapy, nurture your skin, eat well and treat yourself to something that you crave now and then, we are only human!

4. Celebrate beauty all around you. Once you start looking for it, beauty abounds in nature and in people. You will find yourself moving back to gratitude for creation, in all aspects, from the One who created you, to the mothers in your life, to the joys of nurturing others and for the capacity to be creative in your life.

5. Slow down to go deeper: in meditation, in your yoga practice, in your conversations, and in prayer. Practice being present and savor the moments that that unfold to show you how life is precious.