Celebrating Our Mothers

As we are celebrating our Mothers this week, it’s important to recognize that the maternal bond is incredibly special and nurturing when it is intact and thriving, yet can be painful and disappointing when it has fallen short of expectations. Sometimes there is miscommunication that gets in our way, sometimes it’s a block having to do with giving or receiving love, sometimes there are things much more grievous. The foundation of our maternal relationships remind us that our ultimate stewardship is that of caring for children and thus the deep gratitude for our mothers and nurturers reflects that. 

Let us remember that we can celebrate many mothers this week…we all descend from a long line of women whose DNA we share and/or whose traditions have been passed down to us in some form. We are also all nurtured by mother earth…think of the rich soil beneath your feet to ground you and help you feel a sure foundation, the plants that exist to serve us, the water that brings us life.

Myrrh essential oil has been nicknamed the oil of Mother Earth. It has rich chemical constituents that can support healthy emotions and cognitive processing especially about the maternal relationships in our lives. It is an oil that can help ground and center us (as all tree oils do), it actually comes forth to support the wellness of the tree, and on so many levels can do the same for us. Historically it has been recognized as so precious that it equaled gold in value and weight.

If you are wanting gentle support as you work towards forgiveness and/or strengthening your bond with your mother, apply some myrrh over your heart and breathe in to support your journey in this regard. Since myrrh has a unique deep aroma, it can also be nice to pair it with a higher note such as a citrus or floral essential oil for interest. 

So let us remember and honor the women in our lives who have nurtured us, handed down traditions that help connect us to where we came from, or who have provided a situation in which we had to really grow and stretch. These women ultimately gave us gifts of strength and perseverance to make us the strong and independent individuals we are today. There is always a gift that comes from overcoming adversity; if this is your reality, take some time to ponder the gifts that you have received. Dig your toes into the earth and celebrate your nurturers this beautiful Mother’s Day week.