Smelling Good!

Smell or scent can trigger the memory instantly transporting back in time. It can be used to affect how we want to feel too.  So, wearing a scent or using aromatherapy can be used to eliminate and/or mask a smell or decide which ones we want to use and enjoy.  If you take time to practice awareness of scents around you, the olfactory process heightens.   Consider closing your eyes and taking in your surroundings usingyour sense of smell.  What stands out to you and is it pleasant?  Use this evaluation idea to help you understand the fragrance notes that you enjoy and ones that either disagree or don’t do anything for you.

Once you are more aware of what is grounding, relaxing, energizing, …to you, then consider affecting your emotional wellbeing and therefore your energy, outlook, immunity, and resilience.  Consider nurturing yourself with an arsenal of a few bottles of essential oils. If you want ideas, message us.

Next, do a scent detox.  Notice all the products in your day that provide fragrance and do some detective work.  Do they have artificial fragrances in them, and if so how can you begin to eliminate them so that you decrease and hopefully diminish toxic load?  This can help reset your sense of smell and therefore make it more efficient.

Then reintroduce the scents you want, and use them to make your cleaning products not just to use as aromatherapy.  Get to know their benefits both as single oils and their exponential benefits when blended with other oils.  From time to time change it up – you wouldn’t want to always eat the same meals, right? Explore and allow you body and mind to enjoy the many benefits of a variety of essential oils.  Feel and see the profound effects on your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually!