Staying Grounded With Standing Poses


Though we want to be well-rounded students, to incorporate understanding and practice from all categories of yoga asana, standing poses are a great, accessible starting place for new students as they build a strong foundation for positive, grounding effects. Standing poses are often considered the core of asana practice and since we come back to revisit poses, we have the feedback of where we started to help us understand the progress we have made as well as the journey we continue with – this is empowering and motivating in itself. “We begin anew” every time we come to our mat, and with that in mind we want to look and feel and learn something new about ourselves each time, we want to deepen our practice. Your practice challenge for your next practice: especially in your standing poses, try to focus on incorporating both horizontal expansion and vertical extension with your awareness, your actions and your breath. Notice how rooting down helps you to reach up and out. Notice where your breath goes.

Notice your stability. And, your notice your freedom and feeling that you can soar. Use a tree essential oil like White Fir or Cedarwood. Enjoy your practice! Namaste!