Essential Yoga Sangha - 2 Week Facebook Group Experience

We are so excited to announce that our Essential Yoga Sangha (Essential Yoga Community) will be starting in March! Essential Yoga Sangha is a 2-week Facebook Group experience complete with mentors (experts in yoga and essential oils) to guide you and answer questions, collaboration & community, and foundational, step-by-step education for the following groups of individuals:

1. Yoga instructors who want to learn how to masterfully incorporate pure, potent essential oils into their personal yoga practice, and into their classes. Special professional bonus posts will be made available only to yoga professionals, so make sure you select the right ticket!

2. Yogis with all levels of experience who want to learn to incorporate essential oils into their yoga practice (and get a few tips to enhance your yoga practice as well).

3. Essential Oil Users who have always wondered if they could pair their oils with an amazing yoga practice.

For Yoga Instructors interested in our affiliate program, Yoga Sangha is a must, as the education and experience it provides will help you become proficient in the art of pairing yoga with essential oils. This training will help give our whole community a baseline foundation to start with so that further training, collaboration and benefits can follow. For more information about our affiliate program, please visit (You can get additional information and freebies by registering for the newsletter on the home page, and the blog).

For more information and to register, go to