Join our Sangha Movement on April 17!

About 10% of the Western world practices yoga. The cultivation of mindfulness in yoga practice helps us with how we take our lessons off our mats and into our day, into our interactions and into our world.   Yogis are transforming our world, first by learning how to understand themselves by deepening their own yoga practice, refiningself regulationagainst stress, and then using their energy and understandingto offer their gifts toward improving our world.  Therefore those who engage in yoga are actually engaging in the practice of evolution.  

As yogis we realize that we cannot control what happens around us , but how we are able to respond, therefore working on improving ourselves first.  The yogis way of thinking: “if I am in harmony and in health and when those around me are doing the same, then harmony and health will be a natural characteristic of the world we live in."

Want to be a part of this movement?  Lets come together to improve our own well-being and then lend our newfound understanding and efforts to a global transformation; let’s make our world a better place!  We will start with learning about the science of yoga, and the science behind aromatherapy.

Our new 2-week -training called Yoga Sangha” (sangha means my community or my tribe) is now set to begin April 17.  Participants are required to have a copy of Essential Yoga Practice found on Amazon, (show link) at Aromatools, and at Oil Life, .  All participants will receive samples of all the essential oils to use for the training, along with a great keychain carrier.   Sign up TODAY to JOIN US!