Consistency in Practice

Each time we arrive to do asana, meditation or pranayama, we get to see that yoga is a “practice,” that we are not exactly perfect, and that there is room to continue to learn and evolve in our practice.  This gives permission to the new student to begin to learn without the worry of not being perfect and provides anticipation for the seasoned student to be open to the fine-tuning lessons that come with repetition.   As we deepen our practice, we should explore variety in yoga asana practice, yet season our practice with the other limbs of yoga, while incorporating mudras, sound healing and aromatherapy.  Regardless of what we choose, consistency is paramount to not only mastering the basics but especially to claiming the fruits of the labor:  understanding of self, realization of purpose, building resilience in body, mind and spirit.  All of this cultivates a sense of peace that comes from having shown up not just for our practice, but for the parallel that this gives us to showing up for life.  Opening up to the lessons of your practice is very much enhanced by using aromatherapy. The emotions that come up, the energy that infuses your practice, the clarity that becomes evident, the grounding that comes from connecting to the earth with your practice, … all of this and more can be affected by using aromatherapy. The lessons on the mat travel with us into our day and into our outlook on life. This deeper practice can only come with consistency and discipline.  In your Essential Yoga Practice book, look at the suggestions in each of the six sequences to gain an understanding of which essential oils to use with different kinds of sequences. Try each ssequence with repition and over time experiment with different oilsLet us know what you discover works best for you? Share other suggestion that come from following your own intuition. Enjoy your practice!