Attention to Intention

We challenge you to deepen your practice this year.  It all starts with building awareness.  “Yoga” and “awareness” can be considered synonyms.  At the beginning of your practice, apply aromatherapy to sharpen your awareness.  This will make for an interesting evolution of your practice, whether it is mostly asana, or hopefully an array of the many yogic tools:  pranayama, meditation, chanting, sound healing, mudra, spiritual study. 

Some specific essential oils you can consider to support you as you seek to heighten awareness to intention are lemon and wild orange. These tangy citrus oils not only help uplift mood and energize, but also help us feel more alert and alive so we can connect with the present moment. Try diffusing either (or both) of these oils, or make your own personal diffuser by putting a drop in one of your palms, rubbing your hands together, cupping the nose and inhaling – or create a lotus mudra with your hands after applying oils, and inhale the aroma as you prepare for your practice.

What then can pave the way for significant transformation that comes from a consistent practice is not just to be ready to learn because you are ready to ay attention, but that you give intention to your practice.  This is a wonderful way to offer the energy of your practice to a higher good, and it can be unique to each person and each practice. So then the “sky is the limit,” with the positivity that comes with giving attention to the intention of our yoga practice.  Commit yourself to evolving this year and begin with some inspirational direction from the past blog posts on our website, that help you see where we started in planning for you as we began writing this book.  Our intention has always been to empower you as we start this movement of guiding our present day yoga community to the “New Yoga Experience with Essential Oils!” Mark your calendars for March 15 as we begin a two week challenge called “Yoga Sangha!”