Aromatherapy and the Power of Intention

The aromatic use of essential oils, otherwise known as aromatherapy, brings about powerful benefits. When we inhale the aroma of a pure, potent essential oil, we invite tiny molecules to enter our airways. They can travel down to the lungs, where they support the healthy function of our respiratory system. They can also travel through the nasal passages, passing the olfactory bulb on the way to the limbic part of the brain, where we store memories and create emotions.

Since emotions are chemically-based, when we breathe in these molecules, we become empowered to support healthy emotional processing on a chemical level. It’s a simple action that promotes a powerful shift in a way that can benefit us immensely.

So what does that have to do with the power of intention? And what does intention have to do with creating the life (and year) we really want?

Any self-help guru out there will tell you that in order to create, or reach a goal, you have to first HAVE a goal. And the more emotion you can feel regarding that goal, the more clearly you can visualize it (see it, smell it, hear it), the faster it can become a reality for you. This is why people have vision boards, or recite affirmations. There is power in repetition, and there is power in attaching intense emotion to the object or outcome of your desires.

So what if you could enhance that emotional intensity exponentially? Stay focused on what you want to create, visualize it, repeat it…and add aromatherapy to intensify the emotion surrounding it. You may just find that your shift to breakthroughs comes faster than ever! 

To continue to amplify the potential effects of aromatherapy on focus and creativity, add one or several components of yoga practice:  meditation to bring more attention to the intention of the focus, mudra practice to tie in to the energy body, asana practice to find grounding and maintain perspective, …the list is endless.  Once you have a regular practice, your intuition will guide your decisions as to what yogic tools to use with aromatherapy.  For now, open up your copy of Essential Yoga Practice, turn to page 3, Introduction to Yoga, where you will find explanation that all the yogic tools to support your intention are already within you, waiting to be accessed.   Namaste!