Yogic Nurturing Practices for Self-Care

Despite the change of the seasons and the unpredictable weather, we humans have great potential for graceful adaptation to change.  Change imposes a disruption of our rhythms and schedules and this brings compounding stress.  Recognizing that a consistent daily regimen of self care is important for resilience, we get better at using our awareness of disruption to find the “new normals” and quickly find balance with the myriad of choices we can make to act on the side of prevention and still remain open and flexible to how we can enjoy life!

When we stop to make choices geared at self care, we find a reservoir of energy and love to offer those around us.  That interconnectedness returns more nurturing support back to us as well, and as our spirit soars, we are able to enjoy every facet of life. 

Ayurveda offers us direction for starting our day with dinacharya, our daily self care practices. Tuning into the awareness of your body's energy and needs today is what drives the decisions of taking care of body, mind and spirit. See blog post on dinacharya ___Lorie show link_______