The Lesson of the Prop

There are many props in yoga:  Blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, chairs, walls, FRIENDS, and EGGS (shown here with inventor Jason Scholder of 3ME, A pose done with a prop helps the yogi to learnn more about the lessons of the pose, and if the pose can eventually be practiced without the prop, the lessons learned translate into more awareness and proper action within the alignment, helping to maintain the integrity of the pose, especially with regard to safety. When a person, a friend, is the prop, there can often be more stability in the pose, as shown here. The 3MEgg block adjusts for our difference in height and teaches me, the smaller of the partners, to push a little harder.  My taller partner has to trust me a little more, and be willing to take on a deeper knee bend to be accommodating. Of course, partner yoga always adds an element of fun and we want that ease and "lightness" in all of our yoga practice.     

You CAN try this at home.  If you do not have 3ME blocks, then find a partner more  your height. If that is not possible, order some EGGS.  Tell Jason Essential Yoga Practice sent  you.  Keep your feet hip width or a little wider, really push into each other - you will be providing and receiving necessary support.  You can go all the way to the ground, experiment.  And, communicate.  Thanks Jason for the support and for the lesson! Love these EGGS!

doTERRA essential oil to use:  Ginger - aromatically, internally or topically.  Enjoy!

Namaste - 
Mona Flynn