Partner Yoga with Children to build Trust and an Element of Fun


It takes intentional effort and mindfulness to teach and lead children, no matter if from the perspective of a parent, caregiver or educator. People who choose to work with children are following their inherent, inner guide and gravitate to a heart connection to the children in their safe-keeping. Knowing that children are our future puts us all in the position of a sweet responsibility to inspire, empower and support them.

One of my yoga teachers has often said, we are always modeling to children, meaning they are constantly taking cues from us on how to react and ways to be. Even small things that seem insignificant are important since children constantly absorb and draw conclusions on life from the behaviors and attitudes of the adults around them. Thus when we model creating space before reacting, we are teaching the younger generation to be reflective, to open to possibility and to allow room for creative solutions and the acceptance of what then will allow peace. We give space for children to grow when we support and guide their introspection, intuition, their thinking mind and give permission to learn from mistakes while protecting them with our direction, education, and with intervening when necessary. 

Creative movement in yoga practice allows for conversation around wellness, kindness, relationships, honesty, respect, compassion, and patience to name a few moral values found in the yamas and niyamas (read on the 8 limbs of yoga in the first chapter of Essential Yoga Practice – order here).  Whether a two year old or a 16 year old, partner work in yoga builds trust and adds a great element of fun! See the Partner Yoga Sequence in our book and DVD, Essential Yoga Practice – order here. Begin with supported poses that build steadiness and try poses from all categories: standing, seated, inversions, twists, and restorative, to name a few. Every practice will be different. The positive and cheerful conversation that flows will be a great surprise that will become motivation in itself. Making time to do something empowering will have a great emotional lift for all involved. Add value with aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to elevate mood, kill airborne pathogens, and to minimize the passing of germs between people. We suggest that you wash hands, that you use a diffuser when possible, and that you mix a few drops of essential oil with the carrier and apply on the soles of the feet. It is great fun to offer your little ones a foot massage! Citrus oils make everyone happy, and have a great antiviral capacity. Consider pairing them with a grounding essential oil. like Cedarwood or Siberian Fir. Need help with accessing pure essential oils? Message us, we’d love to help!

Notice a deeper sense of peace that comes after any yoga asana class – that is because your are creating space in the body, space previously occupied by stress and the emotions tied to it.  In partner yoga, you are doing that from the perspective of both traction and support, physically and emotionally, and the effect is exponential. You will begin to find ways to return to familiar poses and tweak them as your both your relation and your practice deepens  grows. Share your practice with us! We would love to see your partner practice!  Namaste.