Partner Yoga to Build Intimacy, Trust and an Element of Fun

This week we offer you a partner yoga sequence. Partner yoga provides many great advantages, to include understanding yourself and poses better when afforded support and balance, an opportunity to build relationship trust, a chance to change perspective, and a means to deepen your practice whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner. The best part however is the element of FUN! Make time for a yoga partner practice, and as you create space, you will also create a special bond with your partner, and strengthen your relationship! The sequence includes long holds of standing postures, chest openers, and seated forward bends, and concludes with a short relaxation.


Seated Meditation

Sit back to back with legs crossed or outstretched, whichever is more comfortable. Allow your backs to rest against each other, letting the back of your heads touch, if comfortable. Then add a twist!


Utkatasana, Powerful Pose

Stand facing each other and catch hold of each other by the wrists. Begin to lean back in a slow and steady way so as to counterbalance each other while allowing your proprioception (your body’s awareness) to make adjustments with foot placement. Begin to squat, reaching the sitting bones back and notice how you get a much deeper release and traction of spine and shoulders while really using core and leg strength. You will feel especially grateful for the strength and stamina of the person supporting you!


Vrksasana, Tree Pose

Stand side by side with your partner. Hug your partner at the waistline. Keep your inside legs grounded. Use your outside leg either propped up or against the lower or upper leg of the grounded leg. Stand especially tall, relax your shoulders, and reach the ourside arms, your tree branches, up and away, helping to add lift while the legs ground and support all the more. Stay for a few breaths and be sure to switch sides and repeat.


Navasana, Boat Pose

Sit face to face and really see/appreciate the wonderful person in front of you. Prop your feet against your partner’s feet. Grasp each other’s hands/wrists either inside or outside your legs and slowly raise and aim to straighten your legs together. An alternative is to hold right hands together while reaching the left hands away from each other. Remember to draw your bodies forward to sit on top of your sitting bones (not behind) and up to use and create core strength and counterbalance each other in a supportive way. Breathe deeply and smile!

Gratitude is the foundation of Valentine’s Day. Remember to be thankful for life partners, family and friends. Make time to acknowledge and align with loved ones. Connect using one or all of the following poses into your Valentine’s week and share with us your practice! Order our DVD here to practice more partner poses!