Our Internal Freedoms

This month we are celebrating true freedom, and we do experience freedom on many different levels. We celebrate political freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to choose. But what about thought and feeling freedom, the freedoms that we create internally? If you’ve ever felt trapped in your life or circumstances, you know that we actually have the power to limit the freedom we experience.

The truth is that our feelings come from the thoughts that we have, and our thoughts are based on beliefs. Our chakras inherently have much to do with the energy working within us, and each chakra affects a different part of our life. When our chakras are closed or blocked, we experience limited freedom as a result. Let’s look at some ideas for creating a strong foundation in our lower three chakras so that we can experience true personal power.

The Root Chakra is our security center because it’s all about our physical needs, and our need to belong. Everyone needs food, water, shelter, connection to the earth and our place on it. If you are experiencing financial troubles, feeling like you aren’t enough or that you don’t belong … your root chakra may be unbalanced.

There are many ways to address balancing chakras … color, mantras, gemstones, poses, meditations. Today let’s focus on a few essential oils that are supportive to our chakras.

Patchouli is a great essential oil to help balance the root chakra, as it supports our ability to connect with the earth, to feel at home and at peace in our bodies. You can apply it topically to the bottoms of the feet, and/or dilute an apply it to the legs. Breathe in the oil left on your hands after application and appreciate the rich earthy aroma that patchouli provides.

The Sacral Chakra is our creative center, it’s related to our level of joy and to the feeling of abundance we experience. It is the seat of our relationships with food, sex, and creation on all levels. When we are afraid of not having enough, when we want to control circumstances and people in our lives, and when we experience jealousy or any type of unhealthy relationship with food, our Sacral Chakra may need balancing.

Bergamot essential oil is a beautiful citrus oil that helps uplift and reconnect us to the joy that is lacking. It helps us recognize what might be holding us back, supports us as we connect to what we want to manifest in our lives, which helps us redirect our creative center to help us in achieving our purpose in life. Use aromatically by rubbing a drop in the palms of your hands and \ cupping your hands over nose, or using in a diffuser.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is origin to how we express ourselves as individuals. It relates to how the world sees us and how we see the world. If you are experiencing digestive issues, pervasive feelings of sadness and discouragement, or if you have difficulty setting healthy boundaries with others, your Solar Plexus may need balancing.

Geranium is a beautiful oil to help with healthy-boundary setting, especially when it comes to relationships with those closest to us. It can provide the added benefit of additional support for mother-daughter relationships. Another great oil to assist your personal feelings is Melissa – both these oils can be used topically on the bottoms of the feet, directly over the Solar Plexus or on the back of the neck just under the hairline. Rub in and breathe in.

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