Our Freedom Depends on "We"

Yoga means union. Union of body, mind and spirit to be specific.  Yogis young and old, novice and seasoned, know and respect this, working constantly to deepen their practice in order to refine awareness and progress on their yogic journey.  Understanding how each of these three cornerstones are foundational to each of us defines the unique journey we each take.  We may share common ground as our journeys cross. The crossing of our paths give rise to opportunities to learn from each other and to recognize that the Divine presence of who and what intersects our path is just as important as the inward journey to discover our true nature, our true calling, the Divine spark planted within us waiting to be revealed. Our life’s work is from the microcosm to the macrocosm, realizing the inner work connects us to the ripple effect of the purpose of our life, and to the many lives we are affected by. This is empowering as well as humbling. We can contemplate many life lessons here: Your journey might start with “Me” but it is really about “We.”  We need each other in life. Our life’s journey requires spiritual growth. Yoga is a spiritual practice. We must work consistently at this, with courage and persistence, patience and faith.  In doing so, along the way we cultivate strength, resilience, happiness, humility, freedom, gratitude and love.  Love for God, family, country, humanity and self. We must embody our practice and in doing so we will appreciate how everything is connected, and that we are One, connected to the Divine.

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