Happy International Day of Yoga!

Happy International Day of Yoga!

This is the 3rd International Yoga Day, originated by the United Nations.  Today yogis all over the world unite to practice yoga in anticipation of a deeper journey  to include sharing the passion for yoga, inviting newcomers to join in.  If you are new to yoga or if you have interested family or friends, consider sharing our book and DVD, Essential Yoga Practice, www.essentialyogapractice.com

If you are ready to deepen your practice, go to our website to sign up for our next two week online, interactive training (from July 24 – August 6), and if you sign up today, https://essentialyogasanghajuly17.eventbrite.com, you will receive an extra bottle of an essential oil to enjoy in your yoga practice.

Today, share a photo of some aspect of your practice to be entered into a drawing of a mala, with beads that can be infused with essential oils!


The Bhagavad Gita, an ancient yogic text explains: yoga is the journey of the self, through the self to the self.   With that we understand that our “self study” is an individual journey yet at times can be a collective journey. Today, let us together resolve to practice all limbs of yoga, honoring all lineages, recognizing that everyone has a place in this transformational practice, no matter their background, level of understanding and level of ability.   On this journey of self study, recognize that self care is preventative wellness, and is 95% of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga which translates to mean “science of life.”   Here is where we learn that the gifts of the earth, with great focus on plant life, sustain us with nutrition as well as aromatherapy, and they play a great role in the self maintenances of our unique (to our doshas) daily practices, our Dinacharya. On this International Day of Yoga, as we care for self, let us resolve also to care for each other and for the earth. 

“Do your practice and all is coming,” Sri Pattabhi Jois  

May all beings be free, may all beings be safe and may all beings have joy and love.  Om shanti, shanti shanti (peace). 

Namaste friends!