Care for Hands and Feet

As we plunge into summer this month, let's focus on self care for our hands and feet. These body parts are typically our first physical interface with everything we come in contact they experience a bit of wear and tear. In yoga, hands represent our capacity to embrace life and to offer our gifts.  Feet move us forward into the future along the journeys of our dharma. 

Make yourself an energizing sugar scrub by using peppermint,  eucalyptus, or wild orange essential oils. Make a soothing scrub with lavender or frankincense. Rub liberally on hands and feet, and you'll be amazed at your soft skin after you rinse!

Try this simple recipe:

  • 1/2-1 cup coconut oil

  • 2 cups sugar

  • 12-16 drops essential oil

For added TLC for your feet, you might consider getting socks (or shoes) with separated toes.  There are many studies to support that agility of the feet correlates directly with potential mobility of the spine and ribcage. Creating space between the toes helps to engage the extensors of the spine, thus supporting good posture. 

And of course, playing and having fun makes for happy hands and feet... Make it a great summer!