Focus and Awareness

Along the way of building a consistent yoga practice, we realize that many lessons on the mat travel into our lives, and affect change in how we react to whatever arises, and eventually to how we prepare and plan, being mindful well in advance. We arrive through cultivated awareness which comes from "building time" in our poses and building awareness.  We learn to see the bigger picture and watch our habits and reactions, and then use that to better ourselves. If we learn to apply the lessons learned in our day to day activities, then we can begin to catch ourselves and improve on our potential mindful ways.  This takes a willingness to focus on the present, and to apply what we learn.  It leads to an greater appreciation to all the people and experiences we are blessed to enjoy in our daily lives - even the difficult experiences - we get to grow from it all!  

Poses to practice:  Standing poses, especially balancing poses.
Essential oils to use: Black Pepper to motivate and energize.  Cedarwood to enhance endurance.  Juniper berry to invigorate.  Rosemary to stimulate mental activity and promote clarity.