Detox - Twists and Folds

As we continue with the topic of spring cleaning and detoxification, the Essential Yoga Practice blogpost this week is a yoga practice video, a mini-practice of poses.  This combination of twists and folds allow the release of tension and negative energy as well as a way to enhance the body’s digestive system and flush out what “we don’t need to hold on to.” Remember that before and after movement/exercise, it is important to hydrate, so drink water infused with a drop of lemon or grapefruit essential oil as citrus oils help to cleanse the digestive tract. If you cannot practice outdoors in the fresh air, consider the aromatherapy of energizing peppermint essential oil to bring your attention present to your practice.  Any essential oil that is grounding or energizing will work here. Note there are options/variations of the poses in this short practice. You will need yoga blocks or some books), a yoga strap if you cannot reach your foot or to hook the hands, and a yoga blanket to allow a slight elevation of your seated posture, so as to ensure neutral lumbar curve when possible.


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