Create an Experience

What a month it’s been! Beliefs are fascinating, because they really do generate thoughts, feelings and action that impact our entire lives. And we often aren’t even aware that we hold certain beliefs until we map them out (or get external feedback from someone who isn’t confined to our personal paradigm.)

We’ve identified our beliefs based on our current results, we’ve identified what belief’s we’d like to put into place – now it’s time to experience what we like to call “creation energy.” That’s basically when we have a win. We want to start creating a track record of success.

Let’s review three powerful ways you can actually change what your beliefs are:

1.       Aromatherapy – aromatic constituents from pure, potent essential oils go directly to the limbic center of the brain, making aromatic intervention for any emotion, belief, or perception incredibly effective. All you need to do is breathe in the aroma that will help – there are emotions/belief guides with essential oils available (if you can’t find one, email us and we’ll tell you our favorite).

2.       Yoga and other body language – did you know that the body itself is an instrument that helps us communicate to our brain how it should think, what it should believe, and how it should interpret the world around us? For example, if you are sitting in a class or meeting you’d rather not be attending, you might start slumping your shoulders and half-closing your eyes. You are sending an immediate message to your subconscious brain that says, “I am bored” or “I am too tired to be here.” And guess what? Your brain, without any conscious thought at all, will respond with limited attention. But what if you think to yourself, “this meeting is important, I’m going to be here 100%” – so you purposely sit up straight and open your eyes wide. You are communicating to your brain that you are awake, alert and interested. Wow! 

3.       Visualization and Affirmations – research shows that when you repeatedly play something through in your mind, you can set up a whole new reality for yourself… you want to make sure you include vivid visualizations (with both words and pictures, which is why Vision Boards are so powerful), include practicing FEELING the emotion you’ll feel when your results play out, and include as many SENSES as you can when visualizing – what will it smell like, look like, sound like, feel like, etc. If you’ll just visualize your new reality for 3 minutes when you first wake up and for 3 minutes right before you go to bed, you can consciously train your mind to embrace a whole different pathway (the one you’re intentionally following!)

Here are some tips as you implement one or all of the suggestions above:

1.       Aromatherapy – oils that are particularly supportive for embracing a new belief system, particularly where some of the stronger negative personal beliefs are concerned, are: I’m lovable/worthy (bergamot, jasmine); I’m supported (cedarwood, arborvitae); I love my body (patchouli, grapefruit); I am enough (wild orange, arborvitae); I am safe (clove, frankincense); I’m connected [to my life; I care] (lemongrass, vetiver); I am accepted/acceptable (rose, jasmine); I am confident (Juniper berry, cassia).

2.      Yoga – poses that help support a new belief system are: a. poses that fall into the category of heart and chest openers like Pigeon, Cobra, Cow Face Pose, Shoulderstand and its many preparations like supported Short Bridge, and all Backbends, as these poses open us to the present as well as to the future in front of us.  b.  Standing poses since they ground us with a sense of steadiness yet allow for using the rebound, upward energy from underneath our feet.  c.  Mudras, hand and body gestures, practiced alone, with mantra chanting or with meditation, as they tap into the 12 major meridians of the body and direct prana, energy, upwards. Examples: Akasa Mudra, (the mudra of creation, performed by joining the middle finger pad to the thumb pad) and Samputa Mudra held at the level of the heart (hidden treasure mudra which helps in releasing the hidden potential within each of us; bring both palms together, joining the fingertips  and the sides of the thumbs together, as well as the heels of the hands together, as if holding something very delicate inbetween the palms).

Akasa Mudra

Akasa Mudra

Samputa Mudra

Samputa Mudra

3.       Visualization – when you make a vision board or write out your vision, include both words and pictures, so both sides of your mind are fed. Include emotion and details; the more clearly you can see what something looks like, the more your brain believes it is true. Your brain actually cannot decipher between past history (reality) and your goal – as long as you can feed it details, your brain will become your best servant/assistant to make things happen so that your new reality is achieved. There is a lot of great information online about the power of visualization … if this interests you, you may want to study up on some other tips that resonate.

For more on essential oils, Ayurveda and Yoga, join us for Essential Yoga Sangha this October, click HERE for more information and to register.