Back to School, Back to Basics, Back to ...Yoga and Aromatherapy!

Ever notice how people of all ages respond well to having a schedule? Though we recognize that in ourselves, children especially need such boundaries of a consistent schedule. Back to school is an opportune time to not be frazzled by the dictated schedule after relaxed days of summer, but to use the lesson of time management to include how to balance taking care of mind, body and spirit.  Having a schedule defines parameters that allow mental, emotional and physical expectations, anticipations and outlook to align with a sense of balance, when we work at making sense of look after all the components of our health.  

Back to school includes long stretches of time having to sit still not just during the day, but after getting home to do homework. The school year also means extracurricular activities:  sports, music/art lessons, tutoring, family chores, and finding time to help the mind and the body to “quiet,” is important yet unique to each person. Yoga and aromatherapy to the rescue.!

More and more schools and yoga studios are incorporating classes for kids, from preschoolers to highschoolers, and kids love the fun of the practice, not realizing that along the way they are releasing the mental and emotional stresses of the day. Yoga is a great way to balance the overused and underused muscles and to invite deep breathing and meditation practices from an early age. If you want something  fun to do as a family together, consider a family yoga style class or order our DVD here and use the Partner Sequence (one of 6 sequences) to  incorporate yoga as a family activity. Before long you will be surprised at the conversations that happen along the way that help you tune in to your child’s day and your children will have another tool to use for communicating with you. What will unfold along the way is also your children’s strengths, not just physically, but inherently, personality wise. It is a win win situation that comes from building memories of quality time spent together. Remember to use aromatherapy to add value to the theme of the practice, whether you use a diffuser in the background, or share a drop of essential oil for each person to rub between their palms, or rub oils on feet for quick effect like:  Peppermint for focus, citrus oils for adding a lift of joy, cedarwood to bring an element of grounding  or lavender to promote a sense of ease.  Then remember to use your essential oils again at bedtime, a drop on the soles of the feet, to promote deep and adequate rest! 

Experiment with movement from yoga and use of aromatherapy, and notice how you all grow in conversation over all of these wellness practices, and more. Your children will begin to find their own balance throughout their day, recognizing the importance of self-awareness and self-care.  Then perhaps schedules become smarter,  while the mind makes sense of what is anticipated each  as well as what will fit into the schedules. Then everyone will work better, and within our means. Accomplishment become motivation in themselves because we can set our course defined by limitations of time and activities, learning to balance work with rest and fun.

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