Back to School Practices Week 3


It’s time to infuse some peace, calm and ability to handle life stress by teaching our children some basic yoga poses and breathing techniques that can help them all their lives.

1.       Downward-Facing Dog: This pose helps to re-energize the body, and provides a helpful break during long homework sessions. Pair this pose with a citrus oil, peppermint and/or frankincense.

2.       Tree Pose: This pose encourages one to connect with the earth while reaching for the sky, and creates an empowering sense of confidence. Doing a partner tree pose can be especially empowering and bonding for parent and child. Pair this pose with a grounding blend, or any tree oil.

3.       Child’s Pose: This pose helps to create a sense of safety and self-compassion, and is especially helpful when the child is feeling overwhelmed. Pair this pose with lavender, Roman Chamomile or Vetiver.

4.       Focus on breath: Deep breathing can help hone our sense of focus while reducing anxious feelings. Pair this technique with a respiratory blend, cardamom or lime essential oil.

5.       Warrior II Pose: This pose provides a sense of power and strength, which serves to increase our production of “power hormones.”  With this natural chemical response, our children can feel more confident than ever. Pair this pose with Bergamot essential oil.

6.       Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose: This pose helps soothe the nervous system and redirect the body and mind, especially during times of stress. It also creates a space for parent and child to communicate. Pair this pose with Copaiba essential oil.

For more ideas on how to make yoga fun for your child, see the original Partner Sequence in our book, Essential Yoga Practice. This section was specifically written for parents and children to bond in specific and intentional ways, to promote communication, instill peace and calm in the midst of harried and stressful schedules, and provide benefits from yoga basics that can serve for the long-term.

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