Back to School Practices Week 2


As we prepare our kids to go back to school, let's talk about boosting and supporting the immune system. It's no surprise when kids (and by extension, their families) get sick a week or two within the first day of school due to all the germ- sharing that happens. 

This is a GREAT time for EVERYONE in the family to follow a few simple tips in order to stay healthy and happy!

Take a good probiotic every day. This helps us maintain a healthy GI tract which is closely connected with how our immune system functions. 

  1. Lower the intake of sugar. This helps reduce inflammation and the cascade of negative occurrences that inflammation can instigate.

  2. For those who like to flavor their water …drinking a drop or two of lemon oil in water (use a glass or metal container, no plastic) can help cleanse and support the system.

  3. Put a drop of an immune support oil and/or tea tree essential oil on the bottoms of the feet every morning and evening. 

  4. Wash your hands often!

...If you want to learn more about using essential oils in your daily life, and especially how to combine them with your yoga practice for synergistic benefits, join us for the yoga sangha on October 6.