Your personal diffuser

There is great symbolism of the lotus flower from the roots of yoga, both in Buddhism and Hinduism.  There it is explained that the this beautiful flower which comes in several colors, represents mental purity, beauty, fertility, prosperity, eternity (white), the noble 8 fold path that leads to self awakening (purple), true love and compassion (red), the true lotus of Buddha (pink), and victory of the spirit over intelligence (blue).  To contemplate the many representations of the lotus flower is rather thought provoking and helps to spur  our journey toward self discovery.  In addition the lotus is used decoratively in yoga, to remind us that something so beautiful can emerge from the muddy waters, and that this emerging beauty/purity  comes from perseverance.  

We can use the symbolic lotus flower in our asana practice as a personal diffuser.  No matter what the theme of your practice: heart openers ( Ylang Ylang, or Eucalyptus and Lemon ), morning energizing (Wild Orange and Peppermint) , or quieting restoratives, (Lavender and/ or Chammomile).... place a drop or two in your palms and rub your hands together.  Come to the front end of your mat,  press the pinky fingers together, press the thumbs together, keep the heels of the hands together, and then spread all of the fingers wide, to open up your lotus flower.  Root the inner heels to the floor, reach up through the crown of the head and exhale, drawing the navel to the spine.  Inhale and spread both the collar bones and the shoulder blades, so as to broaden the ribcage.  Notice how the aroma wafts up.  Notice where your breath goes.  Notice the energy of your mind and body, from both the action within the alignment and the effects of the essential oils used.  Stay a few breaths and enjoy both the grounding and the clarity that come from taking the time to slow down and breathe deeply while the aromatherapy helps to guide the body more toward the anticipated practice. Pause and give intention to your practice. Once you are finished, seal your intention in Anjali Mudra, hands together in prayer, held at the heart.  Take yet another deep breath, begin and enjoy your daily practice.  

Ohm shanti, om
Consider using do terra CPTG (Certified Pure Theraputic Grade) essential oils: