Yoga is for Everyone

Quite often I hear, "I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible."  The truth is that we are all working on our flexibility in our yoga practice:  in body, mind and spirit.  And the more flexible one is, the more power they can put into anything:  movement, thought, intention,....  This flexibility of mind makes us more mindful too, and some would argue that emotional flexibility is more important than physical flexibility.  Regardless, increased flexibility allows us to become more aware of ourselves and our effectiveness. It allows us to appreciate and understand transitions along the path of the journey. And, flexibility allows us to be receptive to the hurdles along the way too.  My teacher Lillah explained that certain poses, deep folds, required patience, perseverance and practice, to achieve the flexibility defined by that particular pose.  So then, everyone has a place in yoga, and the flexibility we will learn will certainly affect us - if only we can then be effective in positive ways, in how we use our newfound flexibility.

Namaste -

Essential oil to use:  Lemongrass and Frankincense