International Yoga Day!

Happy first day of Summer to our Essential Yoga Practice friends!

Officially the first day of summer aligns with the Summer Solstice, June 21, and the International Day of Yoga! Across the globe yogis unite with collective efforts through the practice of yoga: asana, pranayama, meditation, Ayurvedic practices, contributing to the spreading of “how and why” to practice by doing. Additionally, these collective efforts are in part to raise the level of consciousness, to strive for peace practices and to foster global healing.  In many communities, there are organized events aimed to increase awareness of our passion and understanding in practicing yoga.  The Summer Solstice, as an auspicious day, gives us opportunity to “start anew,” with resolving to specific goals, learning something new, or turning a corner as our way to mark stepping stones on our journey of evolution.  These opportunities require our awareness and presence, key principles in our yogic journey, both personal and collective. What we focus on expands, so now is the time to embark on our next steps! Building community is key to this global mission, now in the fourth year, as the United Nations declared June 21 and International Yoga Day in 2015.  The understanding of how this day is marked by great energy and can hold our attention to intention is empowering! What will you be inspired to do with the energy of this day? What will your yoga practice be like? Do you have a special mantra to lead you?  Share with us some of your practice and intentions to be entered to win a “Peace essential oil blend.”  We will select the winner at the end of the month, so this gives time for you to focus on your steps as we “Spring into Summer,” and acknowledge the significance of June 21!  Read on the history of International Yoga Day.  Sign up for the free Yoga Day Summit HERE. Sign up for our two-week online course, Essential Yoga Practice Sangha, starting July 30, a perfect way to start learning about the art of pairing yoga with essential oils if you are new to either. If you are a yoga teacher and member of Yoga Alliance, an additional section of the Sangha can qualify you for all 10 of your online CE hours. Click HERE for more information and to get registered.