Bridging Transitions


One of my favorite yoga poses is bridge, done while lying with back body supported by the floor, feet planted under the knees, eyes focused toward the infinite space above. The movement into bridging requires core engagement to rise up against gravity, the strength of the back body, the willingness of an articulating spine. There is no absolute one place in the body that defines strength of the holding pattern – an example in the ideal that the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. Where the mind goes when practicing a “backbending” pose, to some degree always includes a receptivity to what lies ahead, a realization that the strength of the back body ensures what our human evolution is meant to do, to move us forward, with heart wide open, while knowing and feeling our inherent strength for finding our way back to  the safety of solid ground, allowing us to return with control. Bridging, like any other backbend, is an experiment in trust. Hopefully, the empowering aspect of backbends ignite our curiosity for self-exploration, and propel us toward bridging to move forward once again.

In practicing poses in the backhanding category, enhance the emotional body’s receptivity with aromas like magnolia oil and feel ready, willing, open, accepting while grounded too! Experiment and share your experiences with us!  

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