What You Appreciate, Appreciates!

This second week in our gratitude series is an encouragement to your mindfulness practice of recognizing the many people, opportunities, and things in your day that you are fortunate to have in your life: from people who bless your day, to shelter and clothing, to the many gifts of the earth like sunshine, rain, fresh air and plants.  Then, use your words…to create a mantra for your yoga practice that refines your mindful practice of gratitude, to begin your faith practices with words of gratitude, to thank people around you, and to write down the gratitude on your heart. Journaling is a healing process.  Words on sticky notes, on your mirror, on your water bottle, on your lunchbox, or at the front of your yoga mat, bring your attention to realizing the positivity in your life that comes from gratitude. Focusing on gratitude keeps us connected and ready to be human together, a great sadhana (Sanskrit for daily practice)!  

Our challenge to you:  Start your yoga practice with this ideal and notice that you are inclined to practice poses that open the heart, chest and shoulders:  Cow face pose, Camel, Warrior I, Locust, and the many more backbends whether subtle or deep.  Use citrus and flower essential oils to invoke happiness and lift your heart. Share with us what you will write to remind and inspire your practices of gratitude. Enjoy this sadhana!