The Third Step

The third step in our August series is a simple one to talk about, but may take some time and intention to complete.

Now that you’ve completed the first two steps …. Set that all aside for the moment and focus on the present moment, which is your only moment of true power. Acknowledge to yourself that just because you may have a track record in certain areas, your future “slate” is clean. You, and you alone, determine your future course of action …. And that future course of action begins today in the present.

If we don’t have a plan, then anything we do and any path we take is acceptable, because it still takes us somewhere. Get out an essential oil that inspires you and inhale deeply. Listen to your heart. Then start writing a list of anything you’d like to create, do, accomplish, and be. Don’t put restrictions on your list. Do allow anything that comes to mind go down on your paper.

This is the first step towards living your life intentionally. What a sweet moment to savor!

Breathe fully and deeply and connect to belly breathing.  This is diaphragmatic breathing from the 3rd chakra, the center of your creativity, the place where you radiate the gifts you bring into this world.  This chakra is all about realizing the uniqueness of your strengths that are intended to be shared on your life journey. Allowing that to unfold begins with focus on being present and open to your unlimited potential! We hope to get to know you and learn from you too! Share your revelations, resolutions, and intentions – connect with us on our social media at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We look forward to hearing from YOU!