The Season of Generosity


Welcome to the season of Generosity! Note that we started with “gratitude first.” (See last week’s blog).

Gratitude brings us back to humility and compassion, connecting us to our world in many ways. If we start with asana practice, we begin to have a growing respect for the all intricacies of our bodies. As we apply the lessons from the mat, our able bodies are fit for service, “seva” in Sanskrit. The ripple effect becomes a series of “widening circles,” as we grow to understand our place in the world, and all of the equally intricate places on a macro level. Our presence is the key to helping us discover where we are meant to make a difference. Understanding ourselves allows us to better know “our gifts.” Understanding our world allows us to find ways to use them. The “Joy” of the season and of life in general is when we get to put those things together. This is living from an authentic place. This is how gratefulness leads to satisfaction in our personal life as well as the greater Life.