Stability Leads to Freedom


As yogis, we are attune to the fact that we are spiritual beings, and most of us are open to using our yoga for finding new ways to improve ourselves. When a challenge arises, we seek to learn from it so we can grow and evolve to do better next time. But, often, what is hidden underneath are old habits that do not serve us, called samscaras, in Sanskrit, which linger and keep us from making progress or replacing the old, limiting habits with the new. It is too easy to let our old habits lead the way and it is rather challenging to be mindful to embrace new ways of doing things.

Interestingly enough, moving forward boils down to “awareness” and “practice,” and these two words are the foundation of what we do in yoga. The more we do yoga with intention to learn about ourselves and improve our situations, the more we are empowered to move, think and act with a mindfulness for creating new ways to open up to embracing life, love, and the potentials of our future. Our consistent practice grounds us emotionally, spiritually and physically (as we get stronger). We will find freedom on many levels.

Yoga practice recommendations this week: After your morning meditation, set your intentions for the day. Set your intentions with Sun Salutations and as you transition through the poses, feel what happens when you focus on the movement of the back body, which represents the past, propelling you to the opening of the front body, which represents the future. Don’t forget to add a twist, the ultimate counterbalancing pose that energetically completes a sequence. Seal your practice with the use of aromatherapy. Our suggestions: Cedarwood (grounding), Wild Orange (uplifting) and Peppermint (focus oriented). This blend also works exponentially if you are practicing outdoors – natural bug repelling aromas. We’d love to hear about your practice! Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Om Shanti!