Release that which does not serve – the physical and emotional benefits of forgiveness


One of the best definitions of forgiveness I’ve ever heard is: “To completely give up the wish or desire for a different or better yesterday.” Just close your eyes, take a breath, and think about that for a few minutes. Think about a few times someone did something to irritate you, or take advantage of you. Think of a time when someone close to you did something that felt like utter betrayal, leaving behind heartbreak. Think of something you did to yourself that you just don’t know if you can put behind you.

These aren’t easy things to think of, and if they are dredging up all sorts of negative emotions, it means they are still stuck inside. As humans, most of us have a “go-to” emotional management system called “Stuff your feelings.” And, contrary to popular belief, feelings are not out of sight, out of mind. Feelings are actually comprised of energy, either positive or negative. And according to the laws of physics, we can’t destroy energy or matter. We can transform it. But we can’t eliminate it. So when we stuff the energy of negative emotions into our body, we actually start (or add to) the presence of dis-ease in the body.

This day and age there are so many methods and avenues we have available to us to assist us with emotional release. Using our intention in alignment with these methods always makes them more effective. For example, if you are wanting to cleanse toxins from your system through your yoga practice, decide what it is you are releasing and use twists to physically support you in that process (see last week’s blog). Or use rose essential oil, which has the highest vibrational frequency outside our own bodies. Dr. David Stewart, Ph.D., said, “Applying and receiving essential oils in an attitude of prayer and gratitude significantly enhances the essential oils’ effectiveness. One of the most healing modalities of the oils is their ability to life our bodily frequencies to levels where disease cannot exist.” The Chemistry of Essential Oils: God’s Love Made Manifest in Molecules.

Telling the truth about ourselves, first to ourselves, then to trusted friends or family members – acknowledging our responsibility in any situation, even if it’s only 10% -- this is the start of healing. Because once we tell the truth, and once we feel seen, we can feel loved. And feeling loved is what can allow us to release all that does not currently serve us. We can use our 5 physical senses to help us release, along with our intention, and our connection with the God of our understanding.

Releasing allows us to create an escape hatch, a pathway, to allow negative vibration out of our bodies. We may not be able to see these negative frequencies with our eyes, but we can certainly see and experience their effects after months or years.

You may not think the person who betrayed you or hurt you ‘deserves’ your forgiveness.  Instead of thinking of it like that, ask yourself if you choose to be in bondage to them for one more minute? Do your lungs, your liver, your heart … any of your organs …. Deserve to be constantly embedded with negative energy? Love yourself enough to release those feelings … or turn them into something positive that will increase your frequency, and get ready to experience some powerful results.