Reboot Willpower Through Choice


Our ability to choose is what ultimately creates our lives. Small choices fill moments, moments fill hours, hours fill days, days fill weeks, weeks fill months, months fill years and so on. And interestingly, you can also look at the results you are currently experiencing in your life and trace those back to individual choices you've made in the past.

It may feel a bit disconcerting to realize just how much responsibility we have in the outcome of our lives, but on the other hand, isn't it invigorating and doesn't it feel empowering?

For example, if you have chosen into a belief that the world is working against you, that people are out to get you, or that you are simply unlucky, you are planting seeds that may harvest results that don't make you feel happy or fulfilled. Choose to make a different choice. What if you made one simple change, and choose to believe "Everything works out for me." You can't change the past, but you can choose to re-frame it and move forward. Don't our darkest moments bring us some gifts of learning and experience?

If you have chosen to sideline yourself in your own life, meaning that you don't actively pursue and fight for what you want, you may start feeling like a victim of circumstances and other people's choices. You can choose to be active in your own life, to identify what you really want, and then pursue it!

Essential oils and yoga both work with our emotions and limbic system to help us feel more empowered and able to make more choices which align with our truth. Try inhaling eucalyptus or any mint & citrus combination to minimize feelings of apathy and let that be your anchor aroma as you lean into your new choice.

There are many ways to use yoga to bring a new perspective and perhaps some clarity to open the way to “forward steps.” Starting your day with meditation, at that time when your mind is not encumbered by the many strings that Paul at your attention, will serve as a springboard to feeling ready to take on the new day. Your yoga asana practice can include twists since they help you release habitual holding patterns especially in the spine and the back body. These patterns are tied to many factors, to include how the past has emotionally affected the body physically. Learning to repeatedly undo/erase these patterns can help with the mind’s direction to embracing change. Practicing inversions not only represents the willingness to consider a new perspective but actually helps the mind and the nervous system with exactly that. Practicing heart openers, like Cow Face pose, Camel and Warrior One, leaves not only the heart chakra, but all the chakras in “ready mode,” a readiness for what can be new direction, ahead of us. See Essential Yoga Practice sequences in the book and DVD for more practice recommendations and specifics.

Often we are simply one choice away from creating a life that will fulfill us and make us happy. What new choice will you make today?