Present Moment Spiritual Awakening


Yoga is a spiritual practice – a surprise to new yogis, yet quickly understood. In all aspects of the practice, we cultivate the habits of coming “present,” using a one-pointed focus to allow both the mind and body to quiet. Most often the one point is to focus on the breath. The one point can also be a mantra, mudra, prayer, … To slow down and release the mind’s eye from the constant thoughtwaves is a great opportunity to appreciate what is in front of us, awaiting our attention.

In this week of the holidays and the winter solstice, we have additional opportunities that invite us to come to stillness. Tuning in to our biorhythms, we can align with nature which may help us “come to the light,” our inner light, our Divine nature. At this holiday time, for your meditation practice, we are suggesting a focus on the mantras of the holidays in hopes that they carry us well into the New Year 2019. Meditate on love, hope, peace and joy as your one-pointed means to being present for the miracles of the season, ready to unfold to your awareness. Every moment is an opportunity: to find deeper understanding, to change perspective, to be moved and to be renewed along the path of spiritual growth. Share with us your discoveries and new outlook. We look forward to a continued yoga journey together in 2019!

In light, Asti Atkinson and Mona Flynn