Practicing Presence

Despite the exploding interest with using aromatherapy/essential oils, most people don’t think to combine aromatherapy with movement, but it is a great enhancing tool for any mind-body practices, as well as any kind of exercise.  Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever practiced without it!  

There are many ways to approach using essential oils with any mind-body practice or exercise, but the foundation is “practicing presence.”  Anything you want to improve requires dedicated practice. Your ability to be focused on what you are learning and experiencing needs you to be present. You will maximize on your intention to spend time on the activity of your choosing if you are truly focused and present rather than being distracted with the habits of over-stimulation due to our technology driven society.  

Whether a walking meditation, practicing yoga asana, learning to use pranayama, applying Ayurvedic self massage, hiking a trail, focusing on Tai Chi, etc., mind-body practices become refined when we get “into the Zone,” when we come to the intended time of practice with awareness, fully open to what we can learn and experience. Aromatherapy can wake up our capacity to focus, help us to feel grounded, open our airways, boost our circulation, and get us over the hurdle of motivation so that we leap forward to deepen our practice. 

Need a boost of readiness?  Try a pick me up by breathing in any pure citrus oil, and consider combining your choice of these “happiness oils” with Peppermint, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus or Vetiver. In addition you will be surprise that essential oils can help with muscle ache prevention and exercise recovery. Need direction on more suggestions or where to find pure oils? We are here to help, message us!  

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