Practice Yoga Twists

This is revolved side angle pose, Parivritta Parsvakonasana.  Any twist has a detoxifying effect and an empowering effect.  The Solar plexus, the third chakra, located at the belly, is responsible for most of the range of movement in any twist.  Over time and practice, one can learn to enhance the range of movement to include more participation of the spine and ribcage in any twist. The organs get squeezed and a rush of blood onto these places creates a perfusion effect, thus a great opportunity to cleanse the organs. There are many more advantages of twisting postures:  relieving tension in the spine, enhancing willpower, creativity, and our sense of self-contentment once we feel our core engagement at tie it to our inherent strength.  It is a healthy practice to incorporate twists into all sequences, to help rid the body of unnecessary toxins, stress, and nervous energy, and create space for what will allow a relaxed and energized readiness.

Essential oils to use today:  Lemon and Peppermint