Plants and Detox

In this season of spring cleaning, have you ever considered cleaning of YOU? The toxic load that some of us carry around inside us can be overwhelming to our vital organs, specifically to our liver and kidneys – the organs in charge of detoxification.  Our skin, colon and lungs also play a part in keeping us clear. Because of environmental toxins we breathe in, toxins in the processed and fast foods we eat, even the toxins that we absorb through our skin via personal care products, our bodies can really struggle under the heavy toxic load.

Plants are natural cleansers….they even detox the air! They are programmed to ‘inhale’ and utilize carbon dioxide and leave in its place life-giving oxygen. Essential oils, the aromatic part of plants, can likewise be powerful cleansers as well:

·         Arborvitae is a powerful cleansing and purifying agent. Use it to purify the air, it naturally repels insects. You can add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and spray on surfaces or hands for a protecting solution. 

·         Basil has cleansing properties, and helps to support healthy blood flow. It supports gastrointestinal health and function, and helps reduce gas.

·         Bergamot's also has cleansing properties, and helps support a healthy nervous system, cardiovascular system and cognitive function. 

·         Black Pepper has topical cleansing properties, and contains important antioxidants. 

·         Cassia has strong surface cleansing properties and may help support the health of the liver, kidneys and urinary tract.

·         Cedarwood, cypress, petitgrain and myrrh have surface cleansing properties, 

·         Cilantro has a cleansing and detoxifying effect when used internally (use 1-2 drops of pure, internal-grade cilantro in a capsule)

·         Frankincense and coriander help support the health of the liver.

·         Douglas Fir and thyme are cleansing and purifying to the skin.

·         Helichrysum has internal cleansing properties.

·         Juniper Berry supports healthy kidney and urinary tract function, and has internal cleansing properties.

·         Lemon cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces, naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion, and promotes healthy functioning of the GI tract.

·         Lime is often used as an internal cleanser, it helps cleanse the air, it may support the health of the colon.

·         Oregano, tangerine and wild orange are powerful cleansing and purifying agents.


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