Our Essential Yoga Practice

We started Essential Yoga Practice 4 years ago, and published our book and DVD two years ago, because both yoga and aromatherapy have had a great, positive impact on our lives, on our wellness, and we wanted these practices to help you too!  We wanted to start a movement across the yoga community of the west that it is not just ok, but very traditional to use aromatherapy in yoga because yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, gives us direction on how and why to do so.  Wellness is a key word and “the” word for 2018! As a western society we have come so far in learning about integrative mind-body practices, yet we have so far to go. There is a great, growing gap between those who have access to fresh food and herbs, education, clean water, and health care.  Mind-body practices like yoga, are ever growing and accessing pure, organic food and plants for self care, and health care is ever so important too.  We grew Essential Yoga Practice to include an online course called Essential Yoga Sangha (tribe/community), to educate you and to continue to grow together, understanding the many limbs and facets of the 5,000 practice of yoga, Ayurveda and incorporating aromatherapy and essential oils. This course is meant to help yogis and essential oil enthusiasts to deepen their wellness practices, yet yoga teachers will get 10 hours of continuing education credit. Join us by opting in to receive our weekly blog and then, share and comment, help us build a dialogue, and be entered into our monthly giveaways. Join us by introducing our book  and DVD to your favorite yogi or yoga teacher.   Join us in Essential Yoga Sangha, a fun interactive way to learn more and grow our wellness practices. Let’s evolve as yogis and help transform ourselves and our world to a more healthy and happy 2018!

Our giveaway this month, Grapefruit essential oil,  an aroma that helps us to feel grounded as well as ready… to take on the world, to enjoy life!