Mind Your Mantras. Do Your Practice.

Mantras are powerful. Why? Because words are powerful!

As human beings, we have the ability to communicate and articulate complex ideas, feelings, hopes and dreams.  Through language we get to connect to our world, by lending our voice and sharing who we are.  Language is an opportunity to learn from others while offering our knowledge too.  The ideal of feeling connected to our world, to feeling like we belong, has many facets and language can be a polished side of that gem.  Words define our beliefs, and therefore our behaviors.   Our communication skills can shape our future, define our obligations, frame our reputation and structure our thoughts, especially the words that we say often.    

In the practice of yoga, we have mantras, words that are said with repetition,  used in meditation, and recited for many reasons:

a.  They are a one pointed focus to help the mind quiet

b.  They might be melodious, a form of sound healing

c.  They align with slow deep breathing

d.  Their meaning is inspiring

e.  They help drive a desired outcome or encourage a desired behavior

f.  They direct our faith practice and allow us to grow spiritually

Thus, we should be thoughtful and intentional in choosing our words carefully.  If you are using a mantra for personal growth, use words that will help you nurture your best self, use words that will shape how you show up for life, and take your place in the world.  Use your mantras, use your voice, share who you are and watch the great interplay in all your circles.

Some of my favorite mantras (and my students have heard them often) :  “You are stronger than you think!” “This is more than it seems.”  “Peace.”

Consider adding aromatherapy to your daily meditation and notice the deeper connection to the emotions connected to your mantras.  Refer to your Essential Yoga Practice book to discover essential oils and aromatherapy ideas recommended for grounding, energizing, motivating, and quieting, as well as asana practice to support these emotions.  Add your own mantras; personalize your practice!  

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