Yoga Tip: Learning to Trust Our Intuition

In the practice of yoga asana, often we hear the cue, “lead with your heart.” There is great meaning here, both physically and spiritually.  Physically we are being reminded to create space across the front body, particularly the chest and ribcage, spread the collarbones away from each other, open the shoulders and allow the back body to do its job, to hold you upright. In our present day technology driven society, we find ourselves in a haunched alignment which creates more physicaland emotional stress, affects mood and digestion. 

When we practice heart and shoulder openers, we get to release tension in our heart chakra, and therefore tap into the heart center, the seat of our intuition. Have you ever gone against your intuition and later felt heavy in your heart and your gut?  Standing your ground, leading with what you know is right for you and who/what you are responsible for altogether affects your posture and your ability to comfortable move forward in life. Often practicing postures or poses that allow your shoulders and heart center to open helps you with the resolve to lead life from trusting your intuition, and therefore aligning with what supports your choices, while releasing any negativity that comes from doubt or worry over acting against what you feel is right.

Following your intuition provides a release of the stress around such decisions, builds your faith and strengthens your connection with your true self.