How to Nurture Our Future Unfolding


Epigenetics is a fascinating topic. Scientific discoveries are ever-expanding, and it is now known that our environment can change the expression of our DNA. Epigenomes, the chemical markers that lie along the length of our DNA, can be as important to our development as the genes we inherit. And the epigenome can be altered by various lifestyle choices we make. Think about the implications of this: We inherit certain genes that impact how we think, react and feel in certain situations. If we change our diet, our exercise regimen, use pure and potent essential oils, create authentic and loving relationships, and/or experience a paradigm change in how we view the world -- all these factors can influence and even completely change the expression of our DNA because these lifestyle changes affect our epigenomes.

These alterations can take place any time during our lifetimes, and scientists also believe that we can pass these new expressions to our posterity. This is powerful!

So, our yogic, ayurvedic and essential oil practices and habits affect our own lives for good, and our consistent focus on these modalities as a way to calm, soothe, center, and align our mind-body-spirit becomes more life-changing than we ever dreamed as we look at the collective effect of these wellness practices on our epigenomes.

Potentially even more empowering than the traits we pass on are the benefits that come from the practices themselves -- especially as we include the young people in our lives as part of these practices. The connections and bonding that can be formed between parents and children by combining use of the 5 senses with quality time cannot be overemphasized. As parents touch their children’s feet, hands, necks and backs with essential oils, there is a connection that is formed. The aroma of the oils makes a lasting impression on the limbic center of the brain, the seat of memories and emotion. Children of all ages love to feel unconditional love passed on this way. As humans, we all crave healthy and beautiful touch. We love making memories with people who are important to us.

Partner yoga fulfills many of the same needs -- the need for touch, for connection. How powerful it is when we teach our children -- and other young friends -- modalities they can turn to when they are looking for peace, connection and wellness in the future.

The choices we make today, the habits we form, the things we teach by example, and the physiological expressions we can change for the better will all benefit the next generation as they grow and mature.