EYP 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We are so glad to be in this circle of yogis/essential oil enthusiasts together with you! At the core of yoga and yogis is LOVE! Therefore we know that you will enjoy our 2018 holiday gift suggestions and we would LOVE your feedback and recommendations too!  As we look to treating those we love (self included), here are some of our favorite recommendations accessible to you at the convenience of technology – thus more time for aromatherapy infused yoga practice!

1.  Yoga wear and gear – https://www.prana.com Prana is a long time company offering yogis on the go quality, eco-friendly and fashionable products of both wear and gear. Off the mat and into the world? Try any of their versatile products for both men and women. Mention EYP Author, Mona Flynn

2.  Diffusers – New Green Air has our attention as they are the largest diffuser company, known for an incredible variety of diffusers, as well as for quality and customer service. Need to order several? Reach out to our contact, Annabelle Kim and mention EYP author, Asti Atkinson, especially if you plan to order a case (you will get VIP account benefits)!  www.aromalift@newgreenair.com

3.  Ayurveda products – More and more western yogis are turning their attention to the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda. The oldest Ayurveda company in the US is Maharishi Ayurveda. From their site you can access both great education and quality products. Here is our portal – we’d like to recommend an excellent adaptogen, Ashwaganda, good for all constitutions.

4.  Handmade goods from the Himalayas – We are enamored with handmade products from Himalaya Handmade! Paschmina shawls, cozy jackets and hats, as well as singing bowls, bags malas and decorative items.  http://himalaya-clothing.com Mention EYP Author, Mona Flynn

5.  Toesox - Go here!  Are you a minimalist? Toesox with grips provide “your mat on the soles of your feet!” In addition, get some non-grip socks too, to wear in your shoes. Many research studies over time have shown a direct correlation between the agility of your feet and the potential mobility of the spine and ribcage. Give your foundation some tlc and enjoy more freedom of movement.  Mention EYP Author, Mona Flynn and if you are new to the site you will be able to get 10% off!

toesox limited edition holiday collection!

toesox limited edition holiday collection!

6.  Essential oils – there are many companies out there, many more coming on the market still. Though our book is non-branded, on occasion we will highlight a company and their strength. doTERRA is currently the largest essential oil company in the world, due to the CPTG rating of their oils, their sourcing and testing methods and their aim to give back to the communities worldwide where their oils are sourced. See more at www.sourcetoyou.com and order oils at www.mydoterra.com/lifefit. If you are ready to access discounted essential oils message us at essentiayogapractice@gmail.com

7. Need DIY ideas for your oils? Check out what the #hashtaggirls have to offer here. This new company offers fun, practical ways to try out roller bottle recipes, easy to carry with you, gift, and support your yoga practice.  Your first order receives free shipping when you opt in with email. Be on the lookout for a yoga sheet of recipes in the new year.  Mention EYP Author, Mona Flynn, or use code HoHoHo for a 15% discount!

8. Want to share your love for yoga and aromatherapy? Gift our book and DVD, tear sheet for teaching yoga/aromatherapy classes and our 2 week online course, designed for both novice and seasoned students. Order our book, DVD, tear sheet, or contact us at ssdoterra@gmail.com for a discount code for our 2 week online course.

Whether gifting others or yourself, spread the joy and show us your haul by posting on our social media! We’d love to see how you are growing in your practice – it is another way we will continue to grow together!

Use your practice to center and be present to the miracles of the season.

Peace, Mona and Asti